Buffalo Armory Announces Star Armor® 555 Protects First Responders from Active Shooter, High Velocity Rifle Threats

Industry's Most Effective & Durable Armor Offers First Responders and Troops Unprecedented Life-Saving Protection

Buffalo Armory, LLC (www.buffaloarmory.com) today announced that Star Armor®, a proven solution embraced by first responders, includes its Star Armor® 555 plate which now protects against NIJ Level 3 and NIJ Level 3+ ballistic standards, to include NIJ 0101.04 level III standards, and the M193 (5.56X45mm, 55 grain ball) and M855 (5.56X45mm, 62 grain Green Tip) threats. This new armor plate delivers a new standard in ballistic performance with multi-hit capability.

President and CEO, Major General John Batiste (US Army, Retired) says, "Every police car, fire truck, and ambulance should be equipped with body armor vests with Star Armor® steel hard plates to protect our first responders from the active shooter, high velocity rifle threat. The old days where a first responder would contain an active shooter until the tactical unit arrived are over."

The old days where a first responder would contain an active shooter until the tactical unit arrived are over.

Life and cost-saving benefits of Star Armor® include:

  • A unique combination of strength and ductility not seen in alternative steel hard armors.
  • Star Armor® body armor plates are very durable, capable of multiple hits.
  • Star Armor® durability stands up to abuse, moisture, and heat.
  • Star Armor® plates are thinner than ceramic alternatives, facilitating freedom of action.
  • Star Armor® body armor plates provide great value at a fraction of the price.

Lex Watson, Vice President, Hard Armor Business Unit at Point Blank Enterprises, says, "Point Blank Enterprises is partnered with Buffalo Armory to produce the Star Armor® 555 steel hard body armor in response to active shooter situations. Buffalo Armory produces high quality steel armor with full traceability that repeatedly exceeds NIJ Level III ballistic standards as a level III+ plate. We value our relationship and together look forward to providing first responders with the protection they deserve against rifle threats."

Star Armor®555 has been tested to numerous ballistic standards to include National Institute of Justice, MIL-SAMIT, and STANAG, NIJ III 0101.06 Compliant, NIJ III 0108.01 Compliant, MIL- SAMIT (VI) Part 1 Compliant, and STANAG 1A, 1B, 1C Compliant. It also provides protection against lesser threats such as 223 Remington (5.56 mm FMJ), 30 Carbine FMJ, 357 Magnum, 44 Magnum, 9mm, 38 special and 12 gauge rifle slugs. In addition, Buffalo Armory is working with partners to develop even lighter NIJ3 and NIJ4 solutions with perforated armor and various other metals.

About Buffalo Armory

Buffalo Armory, LLC (www.buffaloarmory.com) Buffalo Armory is a pioneer and an industry leader, providing constantly evolving, first-to-market innovation with the most effective and durable armor and advanced high-strength steel solutions -- all proudly made in the USA by American owned companies. Its world-class Star Armor® is a proven solution which protects first responders and troops in harm's way from fragmentary IED and armor piercing, including protection from the active shooter, high velocity rifle threat. Star Steel®, an advanced high strength steel product, is revolutionizing both commercial and industrial segments by providing dramatically improved life-spans and reduced lifecycle costs. Buffalo Armory LLC produces Star Armor® and Star Steel® for use in defense, commercial and industrial applications. Founded in 2010, the company invested several years in research and development, before entering production in 2013. Customers range from defense and military applications to manufacturers of agriculture and mining equipment, snowplow blades, civilian armored vehicles, safe rooms, as well as body armor, firing range equipment, and targets. The company uses American-made steel for raw material, and adds a proprietary process resulting in armor plate with both anti-ballistic and anti-fragmentary properties. Buffalo Armory is ISO compliant with rigid quality standards, and ITAR registered to comply with all export requirements.

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