Buffalo Armory Reports 492% Increase For Life-Saving Police Armor Since Orlando Shooting At Pulse Nightclub

Police Departments Across the Country Procure Buffalo Armory's New Life-Saving Body Armor To Protect First Responders from an Active Shooter with a High Velocity Rifle

Buffalo Armory, LLC (www.buffaloarmory.com) today announced that following the Orlando Shooting at Pulse Nightclub on June 12, 2016, it has seen a sharp increase in first responder interest with sales increasing by 492% since the Orlando tragedy. Buffalo Armory manufactures the revolutionary NIJ III+ Star Armor ® 555 armor plate which provides a new standard for ballistic performance by: absorbing multi-hits from high velocity rifle weapons; offers freedom of action with its ultra-thin design, and; provides greater value at a fraction of the price for alternative ceramic plates.

In light of the recent attacks on police officers and lone shooter situations, police departments nationwide are gearing up with Buffalo Armory's Star Armor ® 555 armor plates which are packaged into Point Blank Enterprise's Active Shooter Response Kits. Each kit, which includes a vest with front and back body armor plates, weighs less than 18 pounds and protects a first responder's vital organs when confronted with an active shooter with a high velocity rifle. When confronted with an active shooter, the officer simply dons the Active Shooter Response Kit over whatever he or she is wearing to take immediate action.

Buffalo Armory President and CEO, Major General John Batiste, US Army (Retired) says "We are partnered with Point Blank Enterprises as our distribution channel partner. Every police car, fire truck and ambulance should be equipped with body armor vests with Star Armor® 555 armor plates to protect our first responders from the active shooter, high velocity rifle threat," says Batiste. "The old days where a first responder would contain an active shooter until the tactical unit arrived are over."

One of the most recent orders came from the Miami Police Department. "We feel it's important for officers to have the Active Shooter Response Kit as another tool to respond to incidents with active shooters," Major Lazaro Ferro said. "It's not just for the officer. It's so that we can take immediate action to get in there and rescue innocent lives that we must save," Ferro said.

Brent Nicholson, General Manager at Buffalo Armory, added, "Our armor produces a better and less expensive solution to protect first responders from an active shooter with a high velocity rifle. Sadly, the rifle is becoming the weapon of choice for today's criminal and terrorist. No longer can first responders simply contain an active shooter until a tactical unit arrives. Action must be taken immediately and police, fire fighters, and EMTs require our protection."

Star Armor®555 armor plates are NIJ III 0101.06 Certified and NIJ III 0108.01 Compliant. In addition, the armor provides NIJ III+ protection to defeat the M855/SS109 5.56X45, M193 5.56X45, M43 7.62X39, LPS 7.62X54R, and the range of lesser caliber hand guns and shot guns, to include the 223 Remington (5.56 mm FMJ), 30 Carbine FMJ, 357 Magnum, 44 Magnum, 9mm, 38 Special and 12 gauge rifle slugs.

About Point Blank Enterprises
Point Blank Enterprises (PBE), (www.pointblankenterprises.com) has helped shape major developments in the body armor industry, spanning four decades. PBE has been the industry's leading innovator of new products and designs engineered to maximize ballistic protection, becoming synonymous with superior technology, uncompromising quality and complete dedication to customer service. Our research and development efforts continue to produce lighter, thinner, more flexible, and higher performing ballistic packages while producing optimal standards for comfort and wearability.

About Buffalo Armory
Buffalo Armory, LLC (www.buffaloarmory.com) in Buffalo, NY is a pioneer and an industry leader, providing constantly evolving, first-to-market innovation with the most effective and durable armor and advanced high-strength steel solutions — all proudly made in the USA by American owned companies. Its world-class Star Armor® is a proven solution which protects first responders and troops in harm's way from fragmentary IED and armor piercing, including protection from the active shooter, high velocity rifle threat. Star Steel®, an advanced high strength steel product, is revolutionizing both commercial and industrial segments by providing dramatically improved life-spans and reduced lifecycle costs. Buffalo Armory LLC produces Star Armor® and Star Steel® for use in defense, commercial and industrial applications. Founded in 2011, the company invested several years in research and development, before entering production in 2014. Customers range from defense and military applications to manufacturers of agriculture and mining equipment, snowplow blades, civilian armored vehicles, safe rooms, as well as body armor, firing range equipment, and targets. The company uses American-made steel for raw material, and applies a proprietary heat treating process to produce an armor with superior ballistic properties. Buffalo Armory is ISO compliant with rigid quality standards, and ITAR registered to comply with all export requirements.

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